Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to submit a question?
A. It is free. The blog forum is a public service. I cannot answer all questions due to time constraints but will review each question submitted and consider it for posting to the blog.

Q. Is my blog post confidential?
A. The therapist is the only one that can see your information and personal information is not posted to the blog. Your question and my answer can been seen by all, yet it is anonymous as no personally identifying information will be published.  Simply post your question without any identifying information.

Q. How do I ask a question? 

A. You can do so anonymously on this site at the ASK-A-QUESTION page or you can email it directly to me at

Q. Are there things that I cannot or should not post about?

A. No not really. So long as your post is in appropriate for the blog and is related to mental health and relationships you can post just about anything you’d like.

Q. Is this blog moderated?

A. Yes, as the owner of the blog, I review your comments before they post live to the web. This preserves the integrity of the blog and the online content.

Q. I posted a reply comment and I didn’t see my post online yet, what happened?
A. Well if you just posted it I may have not had time to read and punch out a reply and then ‘activate it’. If  your post was not appropriate for this blog it may have been tossed out. Unless you have an email with it I have no way of notifying you of the ‘rejected’ inquiry. I rarely reject any questions or comments.