Do Mormons believe in hypnosis?

Question: “Do Mormon’s Believe in Hypnosis?”

Answer: That’s a good question, one that has been asked before by inquiring about mental health and services other than traditional therapy and counseling. Often because LDS spiritual beliefs impact so much of our cultural understanding, we look to church policy or doctrine for answers on things relating to mental health. Now, that stated church doctrine and/or policy does not offer all the answers to inquiries about mental health or psychological functioning. In this case they have published an official stance on the use of hypnosis for mental health and medical practice.

In the Church General Handbook 2 (which is publicly available on the internet) in section 21.3.5 it reads:

“Hypnosis – The use of hypnosis under competent, professional medical supervision for the treatment of diseases or mental disorders is a medical question to be determined by competent medical authorities. Members should not participate in hypnosis for purposes of demonstration or entertainment.”

Now, it’s important to remember that┬ájudicious and prudent judgement can help guide and assist you in making healthy decisions on the kind of therapy, counseling, treatment, and intervention on most medical and mental health decisions.