Phone & Skype/FaceTime Coaching Online

Ocounseling mormon lds counselor online phone skype facetimenline coaching is a service that I offer to clients that either are not comfortable or unable to engage in a getting educated answers and direction to issues they are currently facing. I offer telephone based coaching and video based coaching (Skype or FaceTime). I have a ‘frequently asked questions’ area below, please reference it for other questions you may have.

I have created this site primarily for those that are LDS (and other Christians that align themselves with LDS values) and would like some information about mental health topics within a Christian framework that is conducive and circumscribed by their beliefs coupled with my clinical insights. The blog itself is primarily a forum for individuals to get some educational material from a professional therapist in practice. For many the blog will be enough, in terms of reading and commenting etc and gleaning some information and answers to their questions. For others, they’ll seek more support in their local community with professionals or if they prefer with me via telephone for educational coaching.

lds mormon faith based phone skype facetime counseling therapyI have assisted many LDS men, women, and teens through Christ-centered, spiritually-based relationship guidance via telephone and skype/facetime educational coaching. Spirituality is a core part of us a children of God and when you couple your relationship with Jesus Christ and supplement that with coaching and guidance you begin to author a new understanding of yourself and how to overcome difficulties you may have dealt with for years. Addictions, chronic relational conflict, depression, anxiety, divorce, blended families, pornography addiction, parent/teen relationships, and trauma are all areas that I am proficient and deal with weekly with my clients.

Not all LDS members can find a licensed counselor that provides educational coaching in their area that holds the same beliefs, values, and morals. My phone therapy services assist those that want consultation via the telephone quickly, conveniently, and confidentially from the privacy of their own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book an appointment?
A. Select ’Online Coaching’ from the navigational bar, then choose ‘Schedule An Appointment’.

Q. Is this the same as meeting with someone in my local area that is a counselor?
A. This is coaching, not formal counseling or therapy. This is an educational consultation and coaching session for problem solving and recommendations by licensed therapist and mental health counselor .

Q. How much does it cost?
A. It is $135 per one hour session, payable by credit card at the time of session.

Q. Does it work?
A. Consultations via telephone can be a quick and confidential way for individuals to get access to information and guidance to help them resolve conflicts, patterns, and otherwise find meaning and peace in their lives. Research literature is forthcoming but preliminary studies indicate that phone and and video coaching is effective.

Q. What is phone coaching/consulting?
A. Phone coaching is a new modality of helping people resolve life and relationship issues. It utilizes the power and convenience of the technology to allow simultaneous (synchronous) and time-delayed (asynchronous) communication between an individual and a professional. The focus varies from client to client. Some clients will want to discuss interpersonal relationships, or learn new ways of dealing with stress and other issues they are facing. Other clients may use it an adjunct to other types of real-world services, or to help clarify issues they are currently working on. Still others will use phone coaching to ‘check-in’ from time to time with an objective third-party professional to take stock in their life and get a few brief questions answered.

Q. Links on regarding online counseling or coaching?
A. Is online as good as face to face counseling? (